Monday, May 03, 2004


Acabo de descobrir que junto comigo estarão hospedados na casa de meu primo mais uma penca de gente. Paige, namorada do Roland. Um casal de Blandys australianos. Hugh, sobrinho de Jane. Fora o usual. John, Jane, Roland, Owen. E Biggles.

Vão se acostumando: John é meu primo. Na verdade, primo do meu pai. Jane é sua mulher. Eles têm três filhos, Hilary, Roland e Owen. Hilary mora em Cambridge, onde se formou. E Biggles, a cadela. Familiarizem-se. São novos personagens que farão parte do dia-a-dia deste blog. Spoooooooky.

Chegar a Londres estabanada, fóbica social que sou, e enfrentar uma full house não é das situações que mais me encantam, mas sem dúvida vai ser essencial, inclusive para sair daquele buraquinho, muitas vezes escuro, muitas vezes frio, que atende pelo nome de eu mesma.

Abaixo trechos do e-mail do John.

"Anyway, I hope you will keep a diary of your visit. I intend that we shall both make our fortunes and our reputations. You will write a weekly column for some publication back in S. Paulo. Perhaps it will be in "Martian" style. You know, a Martian arrives on Earth and tries to explain his experiences to the follks back home. Or perhaps just a satirical view of the English, making funny caricatures of the Blandys for instance. Anyway it will be immensely good and successful and Brazilian publishers will be queuing up to turn it into a book. I shall also be keeping a diary - based perhaps on your initial perceptions as we travel through the various levels of society from the gutters to the extremely beau monde. I shall offer these little accounts to a publication like the London Spectator. Then serialisation, books, TV, movie rights etc

Well, we are also anxious about your visit. Perhaps you will find it all a bit flat. A bit small. A bit unexciting. Perhaps we are just too cold and we promise more than we deliver.

But we are making a big effort to prepare ourselves. Owen is studying the video of Cidade de Deus as part of his studies of South American development and will shortly be looking at Carandiru the film for an understanding of S Paulo. He also wonders if it is still cool to worship Ronaldo. Jane is thinking of taking up capoeira and wants to spend a weekend in Daslu. Roland wants to know the difference between a Rio and S Paul funkeiro. I was going to see the film As Tres Marias but it closed after a day when no one turned up at the cinema, so I have decided to tackle Machado de Asis. Biggles wants to meet a Fox Paulistinha for friendship and walks in the park. Hilary wants to know if the Banco Central de Brasil wants to borrow money at a good rate.

Buy that diary now! And don't bother to answer this. I'm sure you have better things to do"

Para vocês verem que realmente tirei a sorte grande.

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